Craftsy Lyfe Rustic Floating Shelves Wooden Farmhouse Wall Mounted Shelf Industrial Reclaimed Natural Wood Decorative

Craftsy Lyfe

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  • INCREDIBLY EASY INSTALLATION! - These wooden floating shelves are incredibly easy to install and assemble, and they can be used right out of the box. Our detailed instruction takes any confusion out of the installation process. The rustic farmhouse shelves have EVERYTHING you need for installation, so you can save the time and trouble of going to a department store and instead spend the time decorating your house with these beautiful wood shelves. The floating shelves are 24 inch by 5.5 inch.
  • SPECTACULAR INDUSTRIAL RUSTIC LOOK THAT GET YOU COMPLIMENTS! - Want your home to stand out to your guests and get you compliments for your taste in home decoration? Well these floating shelves are everything you are looking for and even more! These Authentic Handmade Shelves will add a rustic yet modern feel to the atmosphere of your Bathroom, Bedroom, Office or Kitchen! These shelves are great for showcasing your most loved decor, photos, books, plants, trophies, use as a bookshelf and more!
  • GET THE HIGHEST QUALITY, NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS! - Our philosophy has been to not produce a product, unless we deliver the highest quality. As a small American company, We know that our quality is the biggest advantage we have over our competition. Our floating shelves are the sturdiest shelves on the market, they have been strictly tested by our engineers to ensure the robust design. Each Craftsy Lyfe floating shelf can hold more than 40 lbs, making our shelves the strongest on the market!
  • NEVER FEEL LIKE RUNNING OUT OF SPACE, CREATE IT! Want more space to hang your precious family pictures? DONE! Want to show off those awesome trophies that you are proud of? YOU GOT IT! These floating shelves will enable you to make use of the empty places up above the table and create versatile storage space to organize your fancy collections, photos, and even your clock. You can use these floating shelves almost anywhere you can imagine, giving your messy space a completely new awesome look!
  • LIFETIME UNLIMITED WARRANTY! - We are so certain that you are going to absolutely love these floating shelves that we offer you a lifetime product guarantee, no questions asked! We do not want your money, if we can't give you the best experience with our products. P.S. our customer service team is working 24/7 to make sure that we would resolve any of your problems. There is absolutely no risk at purchasing these amazing floating shelves. So order with confidence; click and add to cart today!

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